Why Invest

A Proven, Diversified and Global Enterprise

Canadian Utilities Limited (CU) is a $22 billion company with a globally diversified portfolio that positions us to deliver premier energy-related services and tremendous value to our customers in the areas of Electricity, Pipelines & Liquids and Retail Energy – while consistently delivering superior returns for our shareholders.

At the heart of our business are 5,000 employees, carrying forward almost 50 years of innovation and service excellence in solving our clients’ challenges, big and small—from major infrastructure projects to home energy delivery.

We have increased our common share dividend every year for the past 47 years, the longest record of annual dividend increases of any publically traded company in Canada. This is something we are incredibly proud of.


Quarterly Investor Fact Sheet

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Our strategic priorities

Innovation, growth and financial strength provide the foundation from which we have built our company, supported by our unwavering committment to operational excellence and the customrs and communities we are privledged to serve around the world.

  • Innovation

    We seek to create a work environment where employees are encouraged to take a creative and innovative approach to meeting our customers’ needs. By committing to applied research and development, we can offer our customers unique and imaginative solutions that differentiate us from our competitors.

  • Growth

    Long-term sustainable growth is paramount. We approach this strategy by:

    • expanding geographically to meet the global needs of customers
    • developing significant, value-creating greenfield projects
    • fostering continuous improvement


    Acquisition opportunities provide Canadian Utilities with additional growth potential. We will pursue the acquisition and development of complementary assets that have future growth potential and provide long-term value for share owners.


  • Financial Strength

    Financial strength is fundamental to our current and future success. It ensures Canadian Utilities Limited has the financial capacity to fund existing and future capital investments through a combination of predictable cash flow from operations, cash balances on hand, committed credit facilities and access to capital markets. It enables Canadian Utilities to sustain our operations and to grow through economic cycles, thereby providing long-term financial benefits.

    We continuously review Canadian Utilities’ holdings to evaluate opportunities to sell mature assets and recycle the proceeds into growing areas of the company. The viability of such opportunities depends on the outlook of each business as well as general market conditions. This ongoing focus supports the optimal allocation of capital across Canadian Utilities.

  • Operational Excellence

    We achieve operational excellence through high service, reliability, and product quality for our customers and the communities we serve. We are uncompromising about maintaining a safe work environment for employees and contractors, promoting public safety and striving to minimize environmental impact. We ensure the timely supply of goods and services that are critical to a company’s ability to meet its core business objectives.

  • Community Involvement

    Canadian Utilities maintains a respectful and collaborative community approach, where meaningful partnerships and positive relationships are built with community leaders and groups that will enhance economic and social development.

    Community involvement creates the opportunity to develop partnerships with Indigenous and community groups that may be affected by projects and operations worldwide, and build ongoing, positive Indigenous relationships that contribute to economic and social development in their communities. We also engage with governing authorities, regulatory bodies, and landowners. We encourage partnerships throughout the organization. We encourage our employees to participate in community initiatives that will serve to benefit non-profit organizations through volunteer efforts, and the provision of products and services in-kind.