Investor Information

Canadian Utilities is an ATCO company with approximately 5,000 employees and assets of $22 billion. As a diversified global energy infrastructure corporation, Canadian Utilities offers comprehensive solutions and operational excellence in Utilities (electricity and natural gas transmission and distribution, and international operations); Energy Infrastructure (energy storage, energy generation, industrial water solutions, and clean fuels); and Retail Energy (electricity and natural gas retail sales, and whole-home solutions).

To create continued, long-term success, we continuously look for opportunities to expand into new markets and business lines. To achieve our goals, we have established five strategic priorities: 

  • Innovation
  • Growth
  • Financial strength
  • Operational excellence
  • Community involvement

We have a long track record of delivering earnings and dividend growth for investors, with our forward-looking strategy anchored in energy transition and continued operating excellence.

Core Mission

To build a global portfolio of utilities and energy infrastructure assets that consistently delivers operational excellence and superior returns. We believe in well-managed risk and a disciplined approach to growth. We fuel the imagination of our people to drive growth over the long term, ultimately delivering value to our customers and our share owners.

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