About Us

Our Commitment

We are made up of an incredibly diverse array of businesses that touch the lives of millions around the world. We have always taken our responsibilities very seriously, whether it is to the communities we have the privilege to serve, our employees’ safety, or the global environment within which we operate. Our responsibility is to conduct our business in a manner that reflects our values: safety, integrity, agility, collaboration, and caring.

  • Energy Transition & Environment

    At ATCO, we are committed to transitioning to a low-carbon economy while maintaining reliability and affordability. Innovation in cleaner fuels, renewable energy, energy infrastructure and storage, energy efficiency, and carbon credits and offsets underpin our climate change strategy and GHG performance. We work hard to reduce our impact on the environment, and support our customers to do the same, ensuring it is protected for generations to come.

  • People & Partners

    ATCO’s people and partners have made us the company we are today. We actively engage with neighbours and Indigenous and community partners, and give back to communities in which we operate. We work hard to be the supplier of choice for our customers and the employer of choice for our people, continually improving our programs to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Resilience & Safety

    Keeping members of the public, our employees and contractors safe is our first priority as we provide the reliable and affordable energy that customers and communities depend on. From emergency preparedness and response to grid modernization, cybersecurity and well-being programs, we proactively work to build resilience in the people we depend on and the systems we operate.

  • Governance & Responsible Business

    How we do business is as important as the essential products and services we offer. We are guided by our core values of safety, integrity, agility, caring and collaboration to ensure we operate in a transparent, ethical and accountable manner. Strong and effective corporate governance is at the core of creating sustainable value over the long term.