About Us

Our Committment

We are made up of an incredibly diverse array of businesses that touch the lives of millions around the world. We have always taken our responsibilities very seriously, whether it is to the communities we have the privilege to serve, our employees’ safety, or the global environment within which we operate. Our responsibility is to conduct our business in a manner that reflects our values: safety, integrity, agility, collaboration, and caring.

  • Energy Transition

    We are actively transitioning our portfolio to meet the needs of a new energy future, while maintaining energy safety, reliability and affordability. We are investing in innovative technology and developing a suite of solutions from which our customers can choose. Our strategic focus is on cleaner fuels, renewable energy, energy infrastructure and storage, and energy efficiency.

  • Climate Change & Environmental Stewardship

    Our climate change strategy not only minimizes our environmental footprint, it accelerates the clean energy transition. Critical to this approach is our focus on decarbonization and exploring new and more efficient ways to generate, transport and conserve energy.

  • Operational Reliability & Resilience

    We prepare for the future so that even in times of crisis our systems continue to provide the essential services our customers need. We are committed to providing reliable energy, working around the clock to minimize service outages, and ensuring our assets are resilient for decades to come.

  • People

    Health and safety are the first considerations in everything we do. And, while we protect the people in our workforce and communities, we know we must also reflect the people in our communities by promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Community & Indigenous Relations

    Building respectful and mutually beneficial relationships with communities, with Indigenous Peoples and with businesses has long defined how we do business. Together with our Indigenous and community partners, we are continually exploring new ways to collaborate.