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Our Commitment

We believe that reducing our impact on the environment is integral to the pursuit of operational excellence.  Our environmental commitments include:  
  • Minimizing environmental impacts throughout our global operations;

  • Incorporating efficiency and environmental considerations in the planning and implementation of all projects;

  • Developing alternative technologies including co-generation, hydro, geothermal, wind and solar energy;

  • Monitoring and assessing performance; and

  • Educating the public and employees on energy reduction opportunities.

Our Approach

ATCO incorporates environmental considerations into the full lifespan of every project, from planning to implementation, and the eventual decommissioning of our operations. This long-term, collaborative perspective on environmental issues is especially important because many of our facilities can operate for several decades.

2015 Highlights

Our Sustainability Performance Update highlights a number of initiatives designed to improve our environmental performance. Over the course of 2015 we continued to work with our customers to reduce energy demand and improve energy efficiency, evaluated and invested in a range of low-emitting and renewable technologies, and identified areas within our business to improve both environmental and economic performance.

Since 2008, ATCO has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 39 per cent. In addition, we have reduced sulphur dioxide emissions by 33 per cent, and nitrogen oxide emissions by 32 per cent. Over that same time period, we also reduced our water consumption by 38 per cent.

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