​Board of Directors

David A. Dodge

David A. Dodge, O.C., LL.D., PhD, F.R.S.C.
Senior Advisor, Bennett Jones LLP

Dr. Dodge is a Senior Advisor to Bennett Jones LLP. He has had a distinguished career in the federal public service. He was Governor of the Bank of Canada from 2001 to 2008, and as Governor, was also Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank. He has held senior positions in the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the Anti-Inflation Board, the Department of Employment and Immigration and the Department of Finance.

He is currently Chancellor of Queen’s University. Dr. Dodge also serves as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, and is Co-Chair of the Global Market Monitoring Group of the International Institute of Finance.

In 2011 Dr. Dodge was the recipient of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada’s Vanier medal for his distinctive leadership and significant contributions to public administration and public service in Canada.

Dr. Dodge received a B.A. (Econ., Hons.) from Queen’s University and a Ph.D. in Economics from Princeton.