Global Growth Highlights: Australia

Karratha Power Station, Australia

ATCO Australia is focused on originating, developing, owning and operating energy infrastructure projects, drawing upon the expertise of ATCO Power, ATCO Pipelines, ATCO Gas, ATCO Electric and ATCO Energy Solutions.

In July 2011, we purchased the largest reticulated gas infrastructure in Western Australia through the acquisition of Western Australia Gas Networks. The $1.1 billion purchase of what is now called ATCO Gas Australia, is one of the largest acquisitions in Canadian Utilities’ history. ATCO Gas Australia is a gas distribution utility that serves the Perth metropolitan area and major towns and cities throughout the state of Western Australia. Its combined networks constitute approximately 14,000 km of natural gas pipelines connecting more than 725,000 customers.

ATCO Australia also includes ATCO Power Australia, which has three power stations operating in Brisbane, Adelaide and Karratha.

While not part of ATCO Australia, ATCO Structures & Logistics is an important part of ATCO’s Australian operations with offices and manufacturing facilities strategically located throughout the country.